It’s likely that I may sell all of my earthly possessions, jump on a plane, and move to Belize. Not only is it incredibly affordable and beautiful, but it is also underpopulated, which means it is quiet! Hey, if it’s good enough for Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s good enough for me.

belize1 Belize2

After over an hour on a bus, we jumped on a boat and headed up a river.Belize3 Belize4 Belize5

We traveled all the way to beautiful Lamanai, a gorgeous jungle paradise that the Mayans used to live in. Belize6 Belize7 Belize8 Belize9

What made our tour unique and truly special was our tour guides. Our tour guides were decedents of the Mayans and I was honored that they shared their culture with us. Belize10

We ran up to the top of every Mayan ruin we were allowed to climb. Matt was the most fearless of all of us in his tiny flip flops! Belize11 Belize12 Belize13 Belize14 Belize15 Belize16

The top of the ruins were much higher than you would imagine! I am still shocked and impressed by just how tall they are.Belize17

The treetops were filled with monkeys but I tried not to get too close to them because they honestly did not sound too excited to see us. Belize18 Belize19

There was so much to learn about the stonework, colors, and even the ground. For example, the structure above used to appear to be even higher because the ground we were standing on would not have even better there. In years past, the ground was much lower and the floors were shiny. Belize20 Belize21 Belize22

The boat ride back was beautiful. I could ride around on boats in Belize all day! Belize23 Belize24 Belize25

We arrived back where we began before our ancient Mayan ruin journey and sat down for a meal. Beans, rice, chicken (for those who eat it), and a delicious punch that is common in Belize. It reminded me of another I drank while in Jamaica. Belize26 Belize27 Belize29

Since Belize now has the largest barrier reef in the world, we took a smaller boat to get back to our main ship at the end of the day. Next time I visit, I plan to go diving so I can see this barrier reef in person! Belize30