I like to be positive but I would be lying to you if I told you I had a good week. Monday started off well but by Tuesday, things started to go south. In addition to being sick, I’ve had set backs at work, and I haven’t felt completely myself this week. Life is full of ups and downs though and it’s almost the weekend! I have amazing plans for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that include a creative photo project, mentoring my favorite super young person, a podcast recording, family visiting, and Disney with friends. So Tuesday through Friday kicked my ass but the weekend is going to be beautiful.

⚡ Ava DuVernay is my hero and an American treasure. 13th is a must watch for all Americans.

⚡ I’ll be adding all of these British authors of color to my reading list.

⚡ I’ll be working my way through a lot of these next month!

⚡ Surprise, surprise. Actually, this is no surprise to anyone who has driven in Orlando.

⚡ Clothing and accessories that are black, black, blackity black and beautiful!

⚡ I’m disappointed but not surprised by Salma Hayek’s behavior.

⚡  I might buy all of these things. Maybe. Probably. Yes.

⚡ This is how your body detoxes.

⚡ You don’t need coffee to boost your energy levels.

⚡ Every wondered what a (proper) day’s worth of sugar actually looks like?

⚡ Maya always comes through with amazing business advice.

⚡ Fuck being likeable.

⚡ 35 badasses.