I’ve been looking for a way to display my seasonal hats, scarves, and Mickey ears but everything I have found is either too expensive or not the right size. I decided that making my own wouldn’t be too difficult so I gave it a shot. I saw a few tutorials online but I nothing easy, cheap, and quick enough so I decided to wing it.


I went to my local Home Depot and found a piece of wood that was thin but still sturdy. They cut the wood for you in store so I had them cut a piece in half so that I can make two floating racks if I want to. Then I picked up a sample size of white paint and command hooks.


Once I got home, I put down paper bags from Whole Foods and painted the wood on top of them. After the paint was completely dry, I attached the command hooks using measuring tape to even space them. I used the extra sticky strips that they give you to hang the rack to the wall and left it for 24 hours before I hung anything on it. mickeyears

The entire project ended up costing me $10 and I had plenty of command hooks and white paint left over for future projects. I change out the accessories on this floating rack by season so that they are always visible and easy to grab on my way out. My favorite part about my floating hat rack is that it is not only functional but it looks great as well. If you want an incredibly quick and simple project to do this weekend, this is the one!