As anyone who follows me on instagram knows, my wanderlust is insatiable and I am constantly looking for my next adventure. With back to back trips to D.C. in January, John and I decided to keep things local in February and explore our own little corner of the world. Spring and Summer will include trips up north, a visit to the Carolinas, and Europe. I think it’s high time that John and I do a packing tutorial considering we continue to manage to cram all of our belongings into carry-ons and successfully avoid checked baggage fees.


I recently on boarded a client whom I have wanted to work with for awhile. 725Creative has successfully taken over (well, started really) social media for Keep Her Safe. In addition to working with Keep Her Safe on social media, we are also helping them become more intersectional in their web presence. Husband and wife clients, Nicole Ami and Alex Ray just so happen to be heading to Europe at the same time as John and I which means our next social media training session will be in a British pub! One of my favorite clients, Apples + Co. is expanding their services to take on more weddings which means fun updates to the websites and even MORE fun branding photo sessions which include eating my weight in gourmet apples, pretzels, and cookies after the shoot.


The second year (season?) of Heart and Hustle is in full swing and we couldn’t be luckier when it comes to our guest list. A lot of last year’s episodes just included the two of us so that we could establish our podcast style with viewers. With the success of the first year, we feel a little more confident about reaching out to guests outside of our circle. Upcoming guests include entrepreneurs as diverse as mixed media artists, famous activists, and celebrity wedding photographers. We are also relaunching the blog with an awesome, talented team of contributors. If you know anyone interested, send them here!


Many of you have asked for an update regarding my health. I’m happy to say that it is improving! The second half of last year was stressful and scary at times but things are definitely better now. It looks like I may not need surgery at all. I’ve switched my diet about a million times to see exactly what works. So far, being vegan five days a week has been working for me. As a long time vegetarian, I thought making the change to being vegan would be easy but it’s actually more challenging that I imagined. Having two days to eat a vegetarian diet have been making all the difference in my sanity and the five days of veganism have been making all the difference in my health. In general, I have been avoiding soy, caffeine, and sugar every day of the week. In April I will have another test to see if the fibroid tumor has shrunk any further.


As usual, I have been reading everything I can get my hands on. I’m long overdue for a Well Read post but I am currently reading Negroland by Margo Jefferson.


Our best friends just had another baby so I am now an aunt to an adorable little boy! Expect a lot of pictures soon!

After listening to every episode of The Minimalist Podcast, I’ve been getting rid of everything in site. Having less stuff makes me feel more focused and while I’ll probably never be a full blown minimalist, I’m excited to see where this minimalism journey takes me.

What’s Next 

Europe is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! Our days outside of London are very scheduled but our days in London our completely open so if you have any suggestions on food, tea, bookshops, and entertainment, send them my way!

On April 2nd, come see me at Your Story: Branding and Marketing in Miami. I’ll be giving a speech on branding and following it up with some actionable content for attendees. I would love to see you there!